Outdated Bathroom Renovation – Before

Do you have one of those rooms in your house that is perfectly livable, but you’d REALLY love if it could be remodeled? I’ve been badgering my husband about wanting to remodel the two badly outdated bathrooms in our home ever since we moved in.  In spite of trying to save money while also getting used to having our first mortgage payment together, we decided to tackle the guest bathroom.

Bathroom vanity

Neither of the bathrooms are absolutely terrible, but I’ve been wanting to try a full-room renovation project. I’ve never had a fully updated bathroom, so it seemed appropriate to try out our first reno project on our tiny guest bathroom. That way, it would be a small project to start off with and it wouldn’t hurt our bank account too bad.

Outdated bathroom

A few before pictures in this post are shown to get an idea of what we’re working with. We actually bought this house directly from a friend of my husband’s that owned and lived in it. That friend had previously bought it from another of my husband’s friends (all mutual friends), who (believe it or not) bought it from ANOTHER of their mutual friends. Needless to say, we live in a tiny town where everyone is friends with everyone else. It’s a good feeling to know you have so many friends close by!

Mirror shower door
How does one even reach that far for the toilet paper?

Back to the bathroom… I got word that the man that owned the house before the three previous owners was in the tile business. This completely makes sense when you see both of these bathrooms. They’re covered in tiles! There’s nothing wrong with that, except the fact that they’re not updated or “pretty” tiles. They’re a bit old and the grout lines are looking pretty grungy.

Bathroom cabinet
This is a terribly awkward cabinet right behind the door.

We won’t be changing much as far as the major layout due to the small amount of space. However, the aesthetics will be dramatically different. I can’t wait to share our progress with you all, and of course, the finished product. Spoiler: Subway tile and SHIPLAP will be involved! Stay tuned!



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