Mid-Century Modern Living Room Update

Just as trends change, our own style preference changes as well. Check out how our farmhouse living room flipped 180˚ into fresh, mid-century modern style.

Farmhouse Transformed to Modern Living Room

How to Limewash Your Brick Home

Do you have a drab brick home needing a little refresh? We did too! That was until we learned how to limewash our brick home giving it a whole new vibe. It’s easier than you think!

how to limewash your brick home

Guest Bathroom Renovation

When my husband, Kevin, and I first bought our house about two and a half years ago, we knew the bathrooms would be the first things we’d want to renovate.

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

How NOT to Grout Tile

When was your first time to lay tile all by yourself? How did it go? Swell, I hope! Or better than our first time at least.


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