Fall Home Tour

Check Out How We Add Small Fall Touches to Our Home

I’ve been told several times that our home gives people a cozy feeling, and that makes me so, so happy! I love the idea of having an Instagram-worthy home, but most of all I want people to feel comfortable while they’re here. And of course, I want my husband and I to be extra comfortable at home as well.

Autumn Wheat

Autumn Decor

When fall comes around, I get the urge for that feeling of comfort and warmth even more so. My solution: add a few pumpkins to each room, light a fall scented candle, then sit down with a soft blanket and a book. It also helps that I’m currently heating up a pot of chicken and noodles, and rain has been lightly coming down all afternoon. Now if I just didn’t have to go to work tomorrow, it couldn’t get any better.

Autumn Desk

Autumn Entryway

Fall and spring seasons seem to come and go pretty quickly here in Oklahoma. The temperature can be 85-90 one day, then we’ll think fall has arrived with about a week of temperatures in the 60s-70s. But before you know it, it’s suddenly 40 degrees and winter is here. Fortunately, today brings a cool temperature of around 60 degrees. The A/C is officially shut off, windows are open and the sound of rain is filling the whole house. This is a PERFECT fall day in my book!

Autumn Bench

Fall Front Porch





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