10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

If you read my last post about our mid-century modern living room update, you already know the hard time I had with finding new furniture. Most of the issue was my indecisiveness, but a lot of it was wanting to make sure we got quality items.

Amazon is obviously a go-to shopping website for just about anything these days. That includes furniture now as well. I never would have thought I’d be shopping for furniture online, let alone a site like Amazon, but they have tons to offer. You just have to be careful in making sure you’re getting something worth your hard-earned money. You’ll always be taking a chance by ordering online, but reading specs and reviews definitely helps lessen that chance of getting a bad item.

mid-century modern furniture

There are many popular pieces of furniture circulating blogs, Instagram and Pinterest. Some of them are available on Amazon, but the reviews aren’t always great.  Obviously, I don’t want to share anything that I don’t feel customers will love. So I’ve spent probably too much time searching their top rated furniture inventory in hopes to help you find the piece you’ve been looking for.  And as a bonus, these all have FREE SHIPPING! 🙌  Additional bonus:  If the furniture is from Amazon’s private labels, like Rivet or Stone and Beam, they offer 5 monthly payments if you need it!  How cool is that!?

Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  This support is what allows me to continue bringing content to you each week, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

**The title of each listed item and the pictures are clickable links, so you can click through to check them out or purchase them for yourself!



Rivet Midtown Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Sofa  $799

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

Rivet is one of Amazon’s private label furniture lines that was launched a couple years ago.  You’ll see I’ve chosen a couple other pieces from this collection as well further along in the post.  The mid-century modern style and affordable prices can’t be beat.

This first sofa comes in a couple different color choices.  The cream option reminds me of something you’d find at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn.  Gorgeous!  Then, you have the charcoal option if you’re feeling iffy on having a light colored couch.  Charcoal would probably be the better option if you have kids or dogs since it’s not a slipcovered sofa that can be washed.  However, the back and side cushions are removable if you need to move them out of the way or clean behind them.  Another option this piece has is to get either the full sofa size or the shorter loveseat size.  You could always get both if you want matching furniture pieces too!

This sofa is made with a hardwood frame and solid beech wood legs, so sturdiness should be a guarantee.  And assembly couldn’t be any easier.  All you have to do is attach the legs, which are hidden in a little pocket underneath the sofa during shipping.  Speaking of shipping, this one includes free returns for up to 30 days!

I’d say the only con I see with this one is the fact that you can’t remove the actual covers on the cushions, so you can’t wash the cream if it starts looking dingy.  However, you can always keep it protected with something like ScotchGuard, and keeping it vacuumed regularly would help tremendously.  Let’s be real though.  Who wants to vacuum their furniture constantly?  Charcoal it is.



Kure Anderson Sectional  $1600 – $1800

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

This sectional is definitely pricier than the previous option, but it is SO GOOD.  By reading the reviews, it looks like it may go on sale every now and then.  So if you love it but don’t want to spend the money, throw it in your cart and leave it there, then Amazon will give you an alert when there’s a price change!  Handy, huh?

There are numerous options when it comes to this piece.  Take your pick on fabric type, color, size and layout.  I’m particularly fond of the sectional, which gives you the choice of having your ottoman extension on the right or left side.  Like the previous sofa, this one also has a hardwood frame and solid wood legs.  The lighter ash colored legs give it a great modern vibe.

Reviews are over the top with satisfaction for this sofa.  One thing reviewers mentioned was the seating comfort.  They said the cushions are firm but comfortable, so they’re good if you don’t like to sink down into your couch or if you have a bad back.  They also mentioned that it’s a great piece for small spaces.  So if you’ve always wanted a sectional but didn’t know about it fitting in your small home, give this one a try!



Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Velvet Bench Loveseat  $799
Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

First of all, who doesn’t love velvet right now?  You may just want to test the waters with a velvet throw pillow here or there, but if you want to go all out, this is your answer.  The rich hunter green color makes it that much more luxurious too.  Otter grey is another velvet color option available.  It doesn’t really sound like an attractive color, but it’s just as gorgeous as the green.  If you’re looking for a different fabric option, they also offer a cognac leather.  But I want to be sure and point out that people weren’t near as happy with the leather in reviews as they were with the velvet.  The color variations and wear quality of the leather were a couple of the complaints.  So if you’re on the fence between which one to get, I’d go with the velvet.

Like most mid-century modern furniture, this sofa has a lower back on it, so it may not be the best option for sitting for long periods of time.  At it’s price point though, it’s still worth trying it out.  If you don’t end up liking it, Amazon offers free 30-day returns just like the rest of the items in their private labels.




FYI, chairs are the WORST furniture to shop for online.  There are entirely too many mixed reviews due to different preferences, different comfort levels and whatever else.  I’ve searched far longer than I want to admit and finally came up with a couple for you, so I hope they catch your interest!


Lohoms Modern Accent Fabric Chair  $144

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

While this chair has the overall mid-century modern style with the clean lines and tapered legs, it can fit into pretty much any style you have in your home.  There are 5 color choices from neutral gray to bright purple, so you’re bound to find one you like.  If you don’t prefer the light colored wood legs, you can always stain or paint them to match the rest of your home.

Like I had said above, the reviews are a little mixed, but the majority are 5 stars. Assembly is easy taking around 5 minutes, as with many of the furniture finds from Amazon.  Most of the reviewers comment on how great the quality and size of the chair are for the price point.  Sounds like a steal to me!



Rivet Frederick Mid-Century Modern Tufted Velvet Chair  $549
Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

I know, I know.  There are a lot of Rivet items in this list, but they just fit the top 10 that perfectly.  This is another velvet piece that makes me melt!  The vertical lines in the velvet, the tall sides, the brass legs, the little lumbar pillow.  🖤  It’s so good!  You can get this one in forest green or navy blue.  Either of them would make a gorgeous accent color in any room, and would surely be a conversation starter.

One thing everyone was sure to rave about in the reviews is the quality of the velvet.  They say it’s not at all cheap and some of the softest they’ve felt on furniture.  I want to feel it myself!  Added to wishlist. ✅




Rivet Ava Mid-Century Modern Ottoman  $104 – $199

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

This clean-lined ottoman comes in two size options – the small, which is like a square footstool, and the large, which is like a long bench.  You also have the option of light grey or dark grey fabric.  The solid dark beech wood legs and neutral fabric make this ottoman really easy to pair with other Rivet furniture pieces as well.

You could use the small ottoman in front of an arm chair or sofa.  The large ottoman could be used as a seat at the end of your bed, as a makeshift reading nook or as a bench in your entryway.  And just as most everything else, assembly is easy with only having to attach the legs.



Stone & Beam Lauren Down Filled Oversized Ottoman  $469

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

Stone & Beam is Amazon’s other private label furniture line.  It’s more of a traditional style and usually priced a bit higher than Rivet.  I chose this ottoman because even though it is traditional, it could easily be paired with your mid-century modern furniture.  It can give some softness to your room without looking like it’s totally out of place.

This giant, almost 4′ x 4′, ottoman comes in two color choices of slate gray or fawn.  They’re both beautiful colors and neither is too light of a shade to have as your ottoman in case it becomes the go-to footrest of the house.  In the case that Uncle Frank decides to prop up his dirty boots on it, it’s also stain and moisture resistant.  Aside from just a foot rest, this ottoman can be used as a coffee table replacement too.  Grab a tray to sit your drinks and books on, then your good to go!  I don’t think I recommend sitting a candle on it unless you’re super adventurous.  Anyway, the reviews are great with lots of people commenting on how soft and cushy it is making it a definite seating option as well.




Bameos Modern Round Side Table  $38

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

You have two size options in this adorable table.  One is taller and skinnier, while the other is shorter and bigger around.  Makes me think of Harry and Marv from Home Alone. 🤔  The taller one would be great to use next to a reading chair, in a corner or beside a tall couch.  The shorter one would be ideal as a nightstand next to your bed or paired with a low-seated couch.

The legs are made of real bamboo and contrast perfectly with the smooth white top.  Nearly every reviews has rated the table with 5 stars.  They love the quality, the ease of assembly and the price.  At under $40 and free Prime 2-day shipping, you really can’t beat it.



Vasagle Industrial Console Table  $182

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

I’ve seen several console tables similar to this, but not many with the glass top.  I think the glass top is great, because you can use it to display your decorative pieces without feeling like you’re cluttering your tabletop.  Console and side tables don’t typically have much hidden storage either, so that’s an excellent plus.

The contrast of the black metal and warmth of the wood tone in this industrial table would go along great with just about any style.  A console table can be used in your entryway, in a hallway, along an empty wall and many other places.  The reviews are great, the price isn’t bad and you get free Prime shipping.  I think I’ll add this one to my Amazon wishlist for our next move.  😬



Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Low Profile TV Stand in Walnut  $119

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Finds on Amazon

If you want to stand out with your mid-century modern design, this is the piece!  This one looks like it was just pulled from the Brady Bunch living room.  From the tapered legs to the wood tone and the horizontal slats, everything about this TV stand screams mid-century modern.  And it comes in so many different sizes and shapes!

There are some poor reviews for the difficult assembly, but there are lots of good reviews that make up for it.  People love the sturdiness of it and the way it looks more expensive than it actually is.  Coming in at less than $120, it’s a great deal if you’re not ready to invest in a solid wood piece or if you’re afraid you’ll change your mind down the road.  That’s me.  I do that.


Let me know if you decide to purchase any of the items on the list.  I’d love to hear about how you like them and see pictures of them in your home!  And as always, when you purchase items through my links, it allows me to keep this blog going and bring you new content each week.  I’m so thankful for each and every one of you! 💕


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P.S.  If you love mid-century modern furniture, be sure to check out our post on how we updated our living room to a mid-century modern style!

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